Are You a Sleeping Beauty?

Before reading this, do ask yourself: “when was the last time I had an adequate night’s sleep?”  *cricket noise* Can’t answer? Well, that is not a surprise because most of us have just been resting our eyes instead of having good, relaxing and enjoyable sleep.

So, today’s focus is on: Sleep

Good sleep is synonymous with self-care because having enough sleep helps to repair your skin and is ultimately the last step in your nighttime skincare routine for a glowing and radiant look and feel. Not to forget, if one doesn’t get adequate sleep, it makes the skin quite dull and any form of beauty regimen is likely to fail because YOUR SKIN IS JUST NOT COOPERATING!! Most of us do not realise that sleep forms a vital part of our skin care regimen and as such, it should be prioritised.

Doctors recommend that adults should have an average of 7 hours of sleep daily. But how is this even possible when i) one returns home from work late into the night, ii) dealing with high levels of stress, iii) waking up at odd hours to pull an all-nighter and so many other factors *sighs*. Most times, these factors are beyond our control but as always, we can’t lose ourselves in the chaos – we can only adapt and still feel good throughout.

Although there are prescribed medications which can help people improve their sleep patterns, there are other natural remedies and changes which can be adopted to improve sleep and overall wellness effect.

Tired black woman sleeping and looking very comfortable in her bed

Let’s dig in, shall we?

  • Change your sheets! – You might laugh but it is FACTS. Change your sheets and pillow covers/cases as regularly as possible as it does contribute to how well your sleep goes. New sheets always have a refreshing feel and creates comfortability. P.S…this is also a key to better skin!
  • Using scented candles and diffusers – Research shows that using some types of scented candles can help promote sleep by giving the environment a tranquil, relaxing vibe. Scents in the form of lavender, cinnamon, myrrh, geranium, marjoram, etc., are advised to be used
  • Grab a tea bag – A warm glass of tea, especially those made from chamomile, peppermint, magnolia bark and valerian root have been considered to be taken throughout the day or before bed to help relax the mind and body.

TIP: If the taste isn’t very pleasing to you, consider adding a teaspoon of honey.

Want to be a sleeping beauty? Try out what we have shared and let us know how it goes for you!

Good sleep contributes to self-care and self-care starts with a holistic approach from skin care rituals, to good diet, regular workout sessions and of course, a good night’s sleep!

Ivy, R&R Intern

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