Believe in the Magic of Self-Care During Christmas

We have officially entered the holiday season! Alexa, play 'This Christmas' by Donny Hathaway.

 The holidays are the time of year when friends and family come together to celebrate the past year and the New Year to come. However, due to the pandemic, things have changed drastically. The office Christmas parties and gatherings with family have been placed on hold to ensure everyone's safety. The feeling of not being able to physically be around the ones you love can leave you overwhelmed or stressed. During this time, practicing self-care can give you a mental reboot to enjoy the holidays.



Meditation is one of the best ways to put yourself at ease and clear your mind. With all that has been going on, our minds have been continuously running, which leads to exhaustion. Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, which make us feel overwhelmed and depressed. Those who meditate find that it is one of the most powerful natural treatment for insomnia. Some meditation techniques include mindfulness meditation, grateful meditation, walking meditation, and mantra meditation. Set aside five minutes for yourself to start meditating today to help release any stress or anxiety you may have built up.

 Luxurious Bath

There is nothing like taking a minute to yourself and doing something pleasurable that is good just for you! Luxuriating in a long hot bath has so many benefits for your health. Baths can elevate your mood by diminishing the feelings of anxiety and depression. Would you believe your mind becomes sharper from taking baths? Yes, you've read that correctly. You experience less mental exhaustion. Get some of your favourite candles, wine, a good book, and treat yourself to a warm bath.


Creating a self-care journal is a perfect chance for you to reflect and discover what has been making you feel good and what has been making you feel a little down. Journaling helps you to remain in the present moment and allows you to help regulate your emotions. Through your written words, you can see patterns and ways for growth. What are you experiencing right now? Please write it down.


 Virtually Connect with your Loved Ones 

Traditionally, we gather with friends and family at someone's house for fantastic food, laughs, and love during this time of year. However, this year we will need to be a little more creative. Though virtual meetings may not seem like the best replacement, it can open the doors to new holiday traditions if used creatively.

From singing Christmas carols together, gift openings, online board games, to having an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest, we will still have the chance to experience gratitude, love, and connection to our family from across the globe.



 Treat yourself!

Do something that makes YOU feel good! Whether that is over-indulging in your favourite Christmas cake or lying in bed binge-watching Christmas movies or giving yourself an at-home spa day do it for you. Our Spa Kit (link to product) is a great way to relax and unwind whilst your at home for the Christmas break!

 2020 has been a year of obstacles but do not let it get you down. Use this time that you need to prevent stress and depression and recognise your triggers. Don't forget the best gift of all, self-care.

 Happy Holidays!


Nahema – Team R&R Intern

Photo Credit: Pexel




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