Global Wellness Day

June 12th could be the day that can change your whole life. How? Because it is Global Wellness Day! Every year, on the second Saturday of June, we celebrate this day to live well. As a luxury brand, this day is one of our favorites. We reflect on different ways to align all our elements with living healthier (emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually).

What are some ways you can celebrate Global Wellness Day?


Practice Yoga

Yoga is for EVERYONE. So, no matter your level of yoga expertise, you should allow your body to flow to feel better from head to toe. Yoga is vital in releasing stress, healing from injuries, and improving your mood. You are more than likely aware of 'child's pose.' However, there are other poses you can try, such as the tree pose. Tree pose is perfect for strengthening your bones, improving your balance, toning your legs. Care to try downward dog? You should. This post stimulates blood flow, improves your posture, and stimulates your organ system. Lastly, let us try the Cat-cow pose. Cat-cow aids in bringing flexibility to the spine stretches your neck and back and opens your chest. You can try these poses in the comfort of your home to start your yogi journey. We will be hosting a morning yoga session on our IG Live this Saturday at 11 am (Ghana time), we hope that you can join us!

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Meditation and Affirmations

You may be thinking to yourself, "I do not have time to sit still to meditate." We are in the middle of a pandemic; you have plenty of time! Earlier, we mentioned not picking up your devices as soon as you wake up in the morning but meditating instead. That is one of the best times! Your mind is already free of chatter, and you can be still. The benefits of meditation are excellent! It aids in reducing stress, improving focus, increases creativity and patience. The purpose of mediation is to help us to be still and connect with our inner selves.

Affirmations are powerful, positive statements you say to yourself. They help to build and create your reality. Saying things like "I am great" or "I can do anything I put my mind to" helps motivate and keep you on track with your goals. You can say affirmations to yourself during mediating. With your eyes closed, you can visualize all the great things you want for yourself.



Take a cat nap

Catnaps are lifesavers. Taking naps is a great way for our bodies to reset and rejuvenate. It improves our moods, increases alertness, and prevents sleep deprivation. Carve out 20-30 mins, turn off your phone and treat yourself to a good nap today!



Beauty: Facial Steaming

Nothing says wellness like doing an at-home facial steaming your face. If you have never experienced having your face steamed, you are missing out. The benefits of steaming your skin include cleansing. The steam opens your pores, loosening up any dirt buildup. This process makes it easier to deep clean. Steaming hydrates, the skin naturally moisturizing your face. This method is highly beneficial, especially if you are experiencing issues with sinuses. The steam relieves sinus congestion.
Set up your spa in the comfort of your home with a bowl of hot water, a few drops of your favorite essential oils, and a towel. Add the hot water and essentials oils to your bowl and sit over it with your towel over your head. Your face will love the extra attention it receives.


Though Global Wellness Day is recognized once a year, that should not be the only time you practice taking care of yourself. There are 365 days a year. Take as many days as you deem necessary to put yourself first and cater to your needs!

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