Harmattan Season and Your Skin

We have officially entered the Harmattan season! Considered west Africa’s “winter,” Harmattan season is the time of year, between November and March, where cold temperature and dry, dusty winds cause dry skin, lips, and hair. Though some may love this weather due to the break from heat and humidity, the dryness damages your skin.


One of the most important things you can do for your skin during the season is to keep it moisturised. The best thing you can do is use natural products such as butter, heavy lotions, or creams due to the temperature’s intensity. R&R Luxury’s Whipped Shea Butter is rich in fatty acids, which provides moisturising benefits that leave your skin and hair soft and supple.


Drinking enough water during the Harmattan season will help to keep your body regulated and skin well nourished. Keeping up with hydration will detox your body of any impurities giving your skin a glow. Being well-hydrated will also prevent any infections and will improve your mood.



Lip Protection

Using natural oils and butter for your lips will protect them from dryness. Dry, chapped lips are incredibly uncomfortable, and R&R Luxury has the perfect product for you. Our Lip Butter is made of 100% natural ingredients, rich in fatty acids, and provides a moisture level for your lips not just during the Harmattan season but all year round.


Facial Cleansing

Now more than ever, your skincare regimen should be top-notch. Washing your face twice a day will keep your face clean and refreshed during the dry, dusty winds. R&R Luxury’s liquid black soap is the best option as it not only cleanses but moisturises. It also serves as an antibacterial that removing bacteria from your skin, as well as the dust in the air.


If you already deal with dry skin and dehydration it can be difficult finding and committing to the best skincare regimen. However, during Harmattan season would be the best time to commit to basic skincare protection hydrating, cleansing, and moisturizing. Your skin will forever love you.

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Nahema – Team R&R Intern

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