How to stay motivated when you do not feel confident

Motivating yourself can sometimes be one of the hardest things to do, especially when you are not confident. We try to maneuver through day-to-day tasks such as career, family, projects but sometimes feel a little overwhelmed. Since we are still in the pandemic, that has caused some of us to lose a little bit of motivation, lowering our confidence.

R&R Luxury is here to let you know that we can relate to experiencing these rough days and feelings. We want to share some tips to use when you need to break away from the chaos.


Dedicate time for "YOU".

If your glass is empty, how do you expect to help others even do simple daily tasks? When is the last time you took care of yourself? Treated yourself to alone time, or even put on a little makeup just because it was Tuesday? When you look good, you start to feel good. So when you wake up tomorrow, spend an extra 25 minutes on yourself to boost your confidence. Break out those shoes you have been dying to wear or those sunglasses that make you look like a movie star! Dedicate time for YOU to boost your confidence level.



Affirmations: Say them with your chest!

An affirmation is a powerful statement you say to yourself. However, it would help if you believed what you are saying to boost your confidence. Your mind is the most powerful part of your body. So, when you say an affirmation about yourself and believe it, you permit yourself to act on those words. Here are some affirmations we love:

  • My energy is infinite
  • I am co-creating a world of magnificence
  • I forgive myself, and I release all the things that do not serve me.
  • I am enough.
Walk over to your mirror right now and say at least one of these affirmations with power behind your words. You will start to feel more confident!




Do something that you FEAR

What is something that scares you and you know you could never do? Our freelancer, Nahema, revealed to us that she is deathly afraid of public speaking. Do you know what she ended up doing? She signed up for a communications development program and spoke in front of a crowd about her love of Image Consulting. You see, we create this fear in our minds a lot of the time that does not exist. Like the motivational speaker Les Brown once said: “Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.” We become more confident in ourselves when we act on bold decisions.



Celebrate your small wins 🎉

Far too often when we only celebrate when we make a significant milestone. But what about the small obstacles you conquered to get there? Did you decide to go for a jog for the first time? Celebrate! Is today day one of kicking a habit? Celebrate! We allow our small victories to go unnoticed and only acknowledge mistakes. However, you are human, and you will make mistakes. Why? Because it is a part of life, and “mistakes” help us to learn. Frequently celebrating small wins increases not only happiness but also elevates your confidence and motivation.

It is essential to stay motivated. Is it easy? Nope, however, putting in the effort will help lessen the number of times you are not motivated.

Share how you try to stay motivated when you do not feel confident.


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