Men’s Grooming Day: Treat Yourself!

Here at R&R Luxury, we focus on the needs of all customers. However, this post is specifically for our men. Why? Because they need to know that it's okay to treat yourself and have a bomb skincare routine too! We are sure you've seen countless articles on millions of different skincare regimens. The truth of the matter is that you can start a simple routine without bombarding your skin with tons of products. It's best to keep it simple and grow from there. So, gentlemen, get ready to learn about ways to keep up your manly glow.


Your Cleanser: Use Morning and Evening 

Starting your regimen with an effective cleanser sets the tone for your skin. The best cleanser will remove unnecessary oils, dead skin cells, and dirt from your face. Our R&R Man Liquid Black Soap is delicately scented with lemongrass, 100% natural, and contains shea butter and other natural, African ingredients. This soap will cleanse your face without stripping moisture from the skin. It is suitable for all skin types, acts as an anti-inflammatory, improves skin texture, and can be used as a beard cleanser for our bearded gentlemen.



Moisturise: Your skin will love you

Now that your skin is fresh and clean adding moisture can reduce dry skin or even oiliness. In addition, it helps maintain your skin's healthy cells and adds protection from irritation. R&R Man Shea Oil is a non-greasy oil rich in fatty acids and provides multiple moisturising benefits leaving behind soft, supple skin.



Oh, you got a Beard? 😏

Grooming your beard is another part of your regimen. It should be well moisturised to flourish. R&R Baobab Oil is ultra-moisturising and extremely rich in vitamins, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants needed for your skin and beard. Though Baobab Oil has a thick texture, it is fast-absorbing, and a lot goes a long way.



Coconut Oil for your nails

Fellas, we know you love a good manicure and pedicure just like we do, so we want to make sure you're keeping your cuticles and nails in tack in between Mani and Pedi appointments. Our Virgin Coconut Oil is pure, cold-pressed, and unrefined. It contains fatty acids, which help to hydrate and protect the skin, and is high in vitamin F, which allows your cuticles to retain moisture.



Pucker Up!

No matter the season, you should always keep your lips hydrated and moisturised. Hydrating your lips can strengthen your lips and help avoid chapping, cracking, and other injuries. R&R Lip Butter is made from 100% natural ingredients to ensure smooth, moisturised lips for the perfect pout!

If you are new to skincare, we hope you're able to take this information for your newfound journey. Let us know if you will be using the steps we provided or if you have a routine. If so, share how you treat yourself!


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