National Compliment Day: Giving you some Extra Love.

Have you ever complimented someone, and it made their day? Compliments can be given at any time but on National Compliment Day, January 24th, let’s all do our part and provide extra praise. Instilling confidence in others and yourself can improve your mood and let the receiver know they are noticed. People love to feel appreciated, so why not compliment them and add to their motivation.


Affirmations are your Compliments

An affirmation is a powerful statement you say to yourself. However, it would help if you believed what you said to boost your confidence. Your mind is the most powerful part of your body. So, when you say an affirmation about yourself and believe it, you permit yourself to act on those words. Walk over to your mirror right now and say at least one of the following affirmations with power behind your words. We guarantee you will start to feel more confident!

  • I am ENOUGH
  • I am free to do the things that I love.
  • I am excepting of who I am.
  • Everything always works in my favour


How to give Compliments

Your words have the power to turn someone's frown upside down. After that, people will start to feel happy and appreciated. There are numerous ways to pay someone a compliment. You can write a short message in a note or card, thank them for the services provided, or give verbal praise. It can be on their hair, what they're wearing, even their glowing skin after using R&R Luxury products 😉.


Compliments for our Luxurious Followers

 @selasi_von_hausen That dress was made with you in mind! You are stunning!


@chantelledappah come through hat and glowing skin!


@jcruel it’s the hair and pose for us! We see you gorgeous!

Let us know how you will be celebrating National Compliment Day!

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