Reading your way to healthy skin

So many of us take the time to read food product labels to check what we are putting inside our bodies, but what about the labels on the products that are supposed to feed and nourish our skin?

The skin, being the largest organ in the body, requires a lot of maintenance to keep it healthy (and glowing, of course). This is why it is KEY for us to read skincare product labels to find out exactly what we are putting on and in (because skincare products are absorbed) our skin. 

People have different skin types and thresholds for tolerating certain ingredients. Learning which ingredients or products work well with your skin can help you to avoid purchasing items that contain ingredients that don't work for you or contain harsh chemicals.

Now let’s dig into why we should be taking a glance at the labels on our skincare and cosmetic products...

  • To check the shelf-life of the product and the storage instructions. Many products with active ingredients have a best before date and must be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. 
  • It gives you the opportunity to avoid buying a product that contains an ingredient you may be allergic to. 
  • Reading the label will also tell you who makes the product and what specifications have been met. For example, is the product FDA approved, was it tested on animals or cruelty-free?  

Yes, we know that SO many product labels include a super-long ingredient list with a bunch of words that no one can pronounce, but that is why Google is our best friend for a quick check. 

At R&R Luxury, we say the less the ingredients, the better! And we are pleased to say that most of our products have 5 or less (mostly only 2 or 3) ingredients and that is because we use the BEST high-quality ingredients NATURALLY sourced from African soil in our formulations! 

So, in the excitement of adding new products to your skincare routine, remember to be kind to your skin by always checking the label.

 Blog post written by Regina Hammond (R&R Sales Manager).


  • Dee

    Great read. Had my attention throughout. Thanks for the education.

  • Dee

    Great read. Had my attention throughout. Thanks for the education.

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