Shea Butter outside of Skincare and Beauty

We are all familiar with shea butter and its benefits. It is filled with all the fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals you did not know your body needed. Our skin is one of our body's largest organs, and just like your inner organs, it needs to be equally nourished, if not more. However, what other ways can shea butter be used outside of skincare and beauty? 🤔



Are you experiencing inflammation from sunburn, scrapes, cuts, or burns? Shea butter is filled with natural anti-inflammatory properties to aid in the reduction of inflammation. It's also powerful enough to reduce redness, calm irritation, and relieve itchiness.


Bug Bites 

Hot weather usually means the mosquitoes and their friends will be ready to feast on us. Bug bites can be annoying, especially when they become irritated. Applying shea butter reduces itching and any swelling from the bite. We will not allow bug bites to ruin our summer fun!


It's Delicious😋

Did you know that you can cook with shea butter? We were today years old when we found out! However, it makes sense. Consuming shea butter has the potential to lower cholesterol and can be a substitute for butter. In addition, since it contains Vitamins A, E, and F, digesting it can help burn fat, support mental health, and possibly boost your immune system. Please exercise caution before consuming and opt for raw, unrefined shea butter if you decide to indulge.

P.S: Many chocolate manufacturers use shea butter as an alternative fat for cocoa butter!


Share some of your favorite ways you use shea butter outside of skincare and beauty. We love swapping ideas!


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