The Importance of Self-Care: Why 'Me Time' is Essential for Your Skincare Routine

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We all want to have healthy, glowing skin. So we slather on SPF, use the best body oils and butters, and practice all the skincare tips that beauty gurus swear by. While there’s nothing wrong with maintaining a skincare regimen, there’s one crucial factor that we tend to overlook, and that can make all the difference: me time. 

We get it—it can be challenging to carve out time for yourself between work, your social life, and everything else life throws your way. However, taking a little time to yourself can do wonders for your skin and give it a healthy glow. You see, even if you strictly follow the skincare dos and don’ts, your efforts can all go down the drain if you don’t practice proper self-care

In this article, we’ll spill the tea on how self-care can affect your skin, and show you what you can do during your well-deserved “me time”. Trust us—your skin will thank you for taking time for yourself! 

What is “me time”?

Think of “me time” as the chance to escape into your own little world where you can do whatever you want. It’s the time to focus on no one but yourself, enjoy your own company, and do the things you love, even if it’s just for a few blissful minutes. Whether it’s cooking a new recipe, doing yoga, going on a run, or soaking in a bubble bath, “me time” allows you to take time for yourself without worrying about your work, your social obligations, and other sources of stress. 

Why is “me time” essential to your skin?

Have you noticed how your skin looks worse when you’re stressed? In case you didn’t already know, stress is one of the main culprits for acne flare-ups, psoriasis, and other common skin concerns. When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol (aka the “stress hormone”), which can wreak havoc on your complexion by causing inflammation, increasing skin sensitivity, and exacerbating skin issues. 

Fortunately, “me time” is the best stress-buster! So the next time you feel a bit overwhelmed by life, just slow down, take a little break away, and do the things you enjoy.  That way, you can keep your cortisol levels in check and prevent stress from showing up on your skin. 

Additionally, “me time” can benefit your skin by improving your overall well-being through exercise. Working out is a great way to boost your blood circulation and bring more oxygen to your cells—without oxygen, your skin will be more prone to dullness and dryness. Lack of oxygen can also make the signs of skin aging (e.g. wrinkles) more pronounced. To get glowing skin, don’t forget to sweat it out during your “me time” regimen! 

What activities can you do during “me time”?

If “me time” isn’t in your vocabulary, don’t worry. Below, we’ve compiled a few self-care practices you can do alongside your daily skincare regimen. That way, you stress less, improve your well-being and get the best skin you’ve ever had. 

Read a good book

Before going to bed, why not light a scented candle and lose yourself in a fictional world? When reading a good book, you’ll become so engrossed in the story that you’ll forget about your worries. Sure, you’ll have to deal with them tomorrow, but at least for now, you can bid adieu to all your troubles. 

Watch a movie by yourself

Watching a movie by yourself can feel very liberating and is a great way to unwind. It forces you to focus on fictional characters, allowing you to take your mind off of your worries. And when watching feel-good movies or films in genres you enjoy, your brain releases “happy hormones” that promote feelings of pleasure. 

Dance like no one’s watching

Let your hair down and have a dance party on your own! Not only does dancing release serotonin, but it’s a fun way to shake off your stress. Don’t worry about looking silly—no one’s going to see you (well, maybe except for your cat) so do The Robot, The Thriller, and all the moves you’ve always wanted to try! 

Sweat it out 

Not only does working out boost your mood, but it also melts away your belly fat and worries at the same time! And as we’ve mentioned, exercise can improve your circulation, giving you a gorgeous, radiant glow from within. Do what works for you, whether it’s going to the gym, following a workout on YouTube, or walking around the block.

Declutter your space

We know it sounds weird, but decluttering can actually be a form of self-care. Several studies have shown that clutter can induce stress, so take the time to clean every day, or at the very least, every weekend. That way, you can create a more calm environment that makes you feel more in control. 

Do yoga

Is there a yoga class that you’ve been wanting to try? Go for it! A few minutes of yoga goes a long way in de-stressing as it lowers the production of cortisol.  Plus, yoga allows you to be present in the moment and forces you to be more mindful of your breath and body, which can help promote calmness. As an exercise, yoga can also deliver more oxygen to your cells, improving cell regeneration. 

Make time for “me time”

Remember, self-care isn’t selfish, but something you must do to improve your overall well-being. By taking the time for yourself, you’ll be able to stress less and as a result, make the most out of your skincare routine. “Me time” can be an absolute game-changer for your skin, so don’t forget to take a little break and show yourself some love once in a while! 

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Guest Blog written by Myrtle Bautista.

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